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The Association’s lively newsletter "AEA Digest" currently appears quarterly. It carries news and views and short topical articles on all aspects of later life learning and a culture section featuring book, theatre and film reviews. It is aimed at professionals and service providers of all kinds who engage with older people, and at older learners themselves.


Contributions are invited by the editor, Carol Allen - AEA Digest Editor

The Digest is free to members



Issue Spring 2017 No 49 is currently available to members only. Articles include:

Brexit – how will it affect charities and services for older people?
Getting of Wisdom – conferences in Australia and New Zealand
Reports on the Older People and Human Rights conference in London
Update on the Ransackers “Serious Study” in Later Life project
The Penelope Project – the arts in a care home setting
Age Friendliness and Museums
Older Actors in the Spotlight
Plus theatre and film reviews and other features of particular interest to older readers

This issue will be available publicly on this site after publication of the Summer ssue No 50, due June 2017 


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